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Spice Smoke ShopWe've all seen ads for Spice Incense, Herbal Buds, and Herbal Spice Smoke from one time or another. You've most likely wondered what all the big-hype is really about these Legal Highs, Herbal Smokes and Spice Herbal Buds. If so, you'll really benefit from our informative articles on Legal Spice Smoke matters about Legal Spice Incense Smoking and Legal Herbal Highs. Fist things first: the joy of smoking natural and rare herbs is absolutely nothing new. For 1000's of years many cultures have been doing it for either spiritual, intoxication, medicinal, and meditative purposes. It's natural thing in many cultures world-wide to combine a different herbs and spice blends to create traditional natural smoke blends.

Some herbs have powerful meditative, sedative, spiritual and medicinal properties. They all have their own unique distinct strength, aroma, physiological effect, flavor and potency. While smoking pot or other illegal drugs may not be socially acceptable, smoking legal herbs and legal spice incense blends does not have that same stigma in society. The truly best part of spice smoking is that it is perfectly legal anywhere that cigarette or tobacco smoking is allowed. So sit back, chill out, light up and read some of informative articles about legal highs and the art of herbal spice incense smoking.

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SPICE SMOKING with Herbal Incense Spice Smoke Blends

Recent medical evidence suggests that smoking spice may actually be good for you. The active ingredient in many spice smoking formulas is one of the synthetic cannabis derivatives known as "cannabinoids". These cannabinoids were found to fight against antibiotic-resistant bugs in a new and unique way, possibly even in a way that the bugs cannot adapt to. Penicillin and antibiotic resistant bacteria are rapidly becoming a grave medical concern in countries like the U.S., where they killed more people last year than AIDS. Though the experiment utilized cannabinoids found in cannabis sativa, spice smoke often contains many of the same cannabinoids and may even be a vehicle for absorption of these chemicals into the human body.


The Smoking Spice Trend

It all begins back in 1984, not with George Orwell, but with a professor named John W. Huffman, who wanted to research the possibility of cannabis derivatives helping AIDS and multiple sclerosis patients. Over the next 20 years or so, Professor Huffman would find and name over 450 different "cannabinoids," or synthetic cannabis compounds. Around 2002 or so, spice smoking herbal products, also known as "K2" began to show up in Europe and North America. Although many of the spice smoke packets stated that they were made from all natural and organic ingredients, more recent testing by researchers in Germany has turned up evidence that the effects are due more to cannabinoids than to psychoactive plants and herbs.

It turns out that this was the best of all possible outcomes for manufacturers of spice for smoking. The very same compounds that authorities are attempting to ban are the same ones that were found in the WorldHealth.net study to kill antibiotic-resistant bugs. Today's spice smoking vendors guard their product formulas closely, so it's difficult to say which, if any, of them contain cannabinoids. However, one thing that is clear is that many of the people who used to smoke marijuana are now smoking spice to get high simply because it is legal and drug-test safe. After all, you get to a point where you're just tired of the "wondering if this will result in a criminal record", and then you just want to find some way out.

Using a spice smoking herbal alternative is that way out. All of the spice smoking products on the market today are 100% legal and safe, with no banned substances in them whatsoever (notice, though, that we didn't say there were no cannabinoids in them—only that there were no banned substances). The fact that you can smoke spice to get high and then pass a drug test is a big plus for many people who need to be able to still hold down a job even though they like to smoke a little now and then. Drug tests are a necessary part of life for most people, whether it's because their employer requires them, the probation officer demands them, or the health insurance company wants them. The end result is the same: a failed drug tests equals bad consequences.


Spice Smoking and the Scythian Empire

The Scythian Empire stretched from India in the East to the modern-day Persian Gulf in the West, and was perhaps the first known example of cannabis smoking in history. Greek author Herodotus documented the Scythians' use of cannabis "steam baths" in lieu of water, and the bizarre effects these baths had on their participants. And although there are reports of much earlier cannabis use in India, these are undocumented and details are sketchy at best. What can be said for certain is that the spiritual text the Atharva Veda mentions cannabis as a sacred plant, and the itinerant priests known as sadhus have been offering the sacrifices of smoking cannabis for centuries.

Tobacco smoking has a much longer history, going back possibly as far as 5000 B.C. to ancient religious rites practiced by the Babylonians and Egyptians. They burned incense made of things like snake skin and fish guts in order to achieve a connection with the unseen spirit world. Later on the Native American tribes would use tobacco as well as other things like lemongrass to produce the spiritual climate necessary to see visions and other revelations in the traditional sweat lodge. Part of the atmosphere conducive to communing with the Great Spirit was a smoke-laden atmosphere that would carry the smoker's thoughts to the heavens.

And though it is easy to conclude that legal pot is dead in the 21st century, the reality is that there are all kinds of examples of toleration. Places like Amsterdam allow the purchase and consumption of small amounts of cannabis, while the aforementioned cannabis use in India continues at things like the religious festival of Holi and Shivrati, to name just a few occasions. In North America, medical marijuana dispensaries have become more and more popular, even passed into state laws in sixteen U.S. states. And that's not even taking into account the many different kinds of spice for smoking available right on the internet, just a click away.


Spice Smoking's Many Advantages

So it's legal and safe, with a good chance that at least some of the substances included in your average packet of spice smoke will help to boost your immune system and fight off penicillin-resistant bacteria. Many people just don't know where to get their spice smoking product—but it's even easier than you think. Spice smoke's fortunes have risen along with the internet's—one could even say they've been connected in a sense—and as the internet has grown so have the number of website dedicated to spice smoking. Today, there are dozens of websites that sell herbal spice, spice derivatives, spice extracts, and even things like legal party pills or bath salts.

And don't worry. Our website at least make sure to send all orders in a confidential package, free from any embarrassing company information or logos that might compromise our clients' integrity. So go ahead and give it a shot today!

Spice Incense Smoking

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